Sample Biggs Exhibit Entry

Here is an image I (Danny Schweers) plan to enter in the Brandywine Photo Collective’s “Collaboration” exhibit at the Biggs Museum of American Art, February thru April, 2018. It is a photograph of a pyramid of used double-edged razor blades discovered behind a medicine cabinet during renovations of my house in 2016.

Razor blades found during renovations, The Fels House, Arden, Delaware. Digital Pigment Print on Epson Photo Rag paper, the paper itself cut in places, 12×12 image in 18×24 frame, $380 framed, $280 UF. Copyright Danny N. Schweers, 2016.

You can still find double-edged razor blades for sale, a technology going back perhaps 100 years. It was such a popular technology that disposal of the blades became a problem, a problem solved when the makers of medicine cabinets cut narrow slits in the backs of their cabinets. Dulled razor blades went thru the slits and dropped behind the medicine cabinets, out of sight, out of mind.

Here is how my original photograph looked, before any processing.

As part of this exhibit, other members of the Brandywine Photo Collective will take my original and create their own  version of the image. They may crop it differently, adjust the contrast, saturation, and more. They may print it on a different paper, on canvas, metal, or who knows what medium.

They may also choose to layer this image any of the five other images I shot that same day, using light painting. My plan when I photographed the blades was to combine the shots in layers. In fact, I did that but did not like the results. Then I tried it again, but black and white. My third try is what you see at the top of the page. I will be giving my collaborators all six images to use.

I look forward to seeing what my collaborators create!

—Danny Schweers, August, 2018